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3D drawing
We at Funballz put our diligence in delivering unique inflatable products. Therefore we offer all our customers a 3D drawing / illustration of the product before it goes into production. This allows you as a customer to be 100% sure that we meet your needs and desires to design and layout. Any changes to the design is of course free.

We have a large warehouse where we can store your products until you need them the next time. Saved warm and dry ensures that your products will maximize their lifespan and save them from damages. Available 365 days and 24 hours a day, you always have access to your products.

Wash and rep.
Our love for inflatable products and their appearance means that we offer all our customers cleaning and repair of old and new products.
We wash, dry, repair and pack your products so that they are always ready for new assignments.

Up & Down installation
Need a hand with transport and set-up of your products, we will fix it. Our years of experience in inflatable products means that we have all the equipment that may be necessary to rig complex systems. Our highly trained and motivated personnel ensures that your products are ready for showtime and that everything goes according to plan.

If you have any questions or wonder how Funballz can make your life easier please contact us on 930 42 700 or




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