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Copy Funballs

Funballz ApS has since 2008 been the Original manufacturer of Waterballs and today deliver products all over the world.
We have unfortunately discovered that there are several small Chinese factories that pretending to be our supplier and offer our products at a cheaper price.

These factories are stealing our image material and mislead our customers worldwide.

All our products are manufactured by our own factories in China and many of our materials are purchased through suppliers in Norway and Germany to ensure the highest quality.

Many customers have contacted us because they have problems with their copy waterballs, because they believed they was dealing with Funballz own factory.
We urge all customers not to deal with the factories which are listed on our "blacklist"
All these factories are being sued under lntellectual Property Rights

Funballz ApS inform that everybody who imports our resell illegal Waterballs with our trademark will be prosecuted under lntellectual Property Rights.



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